Why won’t my son actually drink his friggin milk?! he wakes up and cries his wee eyes out cause he’s hungry and then only takes the most stupid tiny piddly amount before spitting out his bottle to give me a grin… normally that’s cute but at 2 am AND 5am…this has to be some sort of joke huh?

*breathes* I know this is just the sleep deprivation catching up on me, he’s 5 and a half weeks old… I almost had a nervous breakdown with Zack when he was about 8wks old cause I was just trying to do more than I could. Must try not to do or expect too much of myself or the boy’s atm… but then that’s always easier said than done isn’t it?

The most annoying thing is that although he’s had as much milk as he’s going to the lil sod is now wide awake and making grunting/snuffling sounds which keep me awake! So far tonight I’ve had about 2 hours of solid sleep and, I, most likely won’t get much more… when’s my day off?

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