Getting Caught Up in it All

There are too many social networking things to be discovered!! Since stumbling across this and deciding to have a bash at starting my blog, I keep blog hopping and finding more and more things to sign up to, widgets to use, themes to try out, groups to join, the list is endless and I’m finding it hard to keep track of it all!

It’s so easy to get too involved with everything and entirely forget about the actual writing of my blog. Not that there’s any particular direction to it at all, but still… I’ve found somewhere I can just put down my random thoughts and stories of what has gone on in my day and for now, that’ll do nicely )

Ideas keep popping into my head during the era of things I could write about, pictures I should take, things I should try to do on various WoW characters if/when I get a while to log on… but by the time I can sit down to do it I’ve forgotten about it all and just spew out random crap like this instead! I need a notebook that is Zack-proof /sigh.