The House of Cold

Thanks, J, now we all have a dreaded cold/flu thing you have… I know it’s all about giving in a relationship but really, you could have kept that one just for you honey!

My eyes just want to close, but there’s too much to be done, I may be unwell but so is everyone else, so it’s up to me to take care of them all *sigh*.

The life of a SAHM, who’d change it eh? Most of the time I love it, but when you are hit with things like this it just gets me down a little bit – when do I get ’sick days’ when I can have a day off my work and just stay in bed?

I don’t, because J can’t take time off to look after the kids when I’m ill, which is fair enough I suppose, but still – I’m cranky and have every right to whine about my lack of days-off when I’m sick, it is my blog after all! lol

So… if I’m not around for the next couple of days you know why – I’m off sick. I’m going to get some cold medicine…maybe chocolate (ok definitely chocolate) and I might even see about watching a Disney movie once Zack’s up just to make myself feel a little better… *sniff*

Pastures New

So, yeah… I haven’t updated here in over a month.

I won’t be in the future.

Long story short? I got sick of having to censor what I’ve been saying here continually.

Don’t worry though, I have another blog (if you haven’t found it yet!), but I’m not going to mention its name anywhere on this place.

If you want to know the address just comment and I’ll email you.

Happy New Year!

Well, last night was the first time Zack ever stayed up for the bells, and he almost made it! That was us at about 10 pm ish, I think.

The quality isn’t that great cause these were taken on photobooth and my iPhone … at least there’s proof! I woke him up for the bells though, so I got to bring in the New Year with two of my favorite people. 🙂

I guess a lot of people will be blogging about their resolutions this year. I don’t think I made any last year; it was all about surviving.

I have a good feeling about 2010 though; it’s gotta be better than 2009, right? At least December was excellent though so that I won’t complain. 🙂

What will 2010 bring about for me?

I will turn 26. Dean will be 31, Zack will turn 5 and will start school, and Max will turn 3 and hopefully start nursery (can you scream FREEEDOOOOOOOM with me???? 😀 :D:D ).

Max will start talking correctly.

I will get a divorce (yay!).

Life will be awesome.

2010 is gonna be my year, I can feel it. Even my horoscope seems to say it’ll be a good year for me!

What’s my primary goal for the year? To lose weight. I’ve been missing steadily since last summer, so I’ve just gotta stay on track. I need to do this for my health, my self-esteem, and to be a better mum to my boys.

I’m also going to attempt to write more on the blog again. What can I say, a particularly beautiful person has kept me busy/entertained/extremely happy, so I’ve not had the same amount of time on my computer? I’ve gotta say, I don’t mind at all! 😉

So… what are your plans for the new year? Is anything significant going to be happening for you? Any goals you’ll be working towards? Let me know! Feel free to leave me links to your blog posts if you’ve written about it recently. Let’s face it, we’re all doing it, right?

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2010 being the start of an AWESOME decade for us all! xxx

Rockin it Zack Stylee

Screw tea time… Imma gonna listen to my new friend’s iPod! I think I may have a mini-DJ on the cards if today is anything to go by!

After NaBloMaHoWhaEvThFu I decided to take a few days off the blogging. I will still be about, just not every! Single! Day! *god* that was exhausting! Plus whenever I take out my camera everything’s just so bloody washed out with the on-camera flash that Zack looks as pale as can be. *sigh*Only another… hm… 4 months (?!?) of darkness. Oh, joy. At least I’ve got someone kind to spend the time with now though.

Oh yeah baby, I did it!

Today is the last day of November, and I’ve managed to post every day for the previous 30 days!

There were times in the last week or so that I wondered whether just not to bother, but in the end, I’d instead write than not, even if it is only about our day to day life. After all, that’s kind of what this blog is all about, right?

We finally have our sun back it seems, or have for the last few days at least, and boy does it make a difference to our days. 🙂

Zack has been *very* snuggly today, and I love it, and Max is his usual happy smiley little self. I do feel pretty damn lucky to have such awesome sons. I wouldn’t change my life right now for anything.


It’s so hard seeing Zack upset, after saying bye to his Dad for, eg, although it wasn’t as bad this time as the last. I get that heart-wrenching feeling, and I just wish I could take it away from him, so he didn’t ever have to feel that way. On the other hand, he’s learning as he goes, and it will help to shape who he is. I just need to be there for my boys when they need me.

As the years go on I suppose that’ll be less and less, so for now, I’m going to make the most of my boys needing their mum, and enjoy all the snuggles and kisses and general awesomeness that they are.


Sometimes I see glimpses of what they’ll look like when they grow up. Around the eyes and the nose. As soon as I see those gorgeous baby/child mouths though I forget what I was even looking at. I guess only time will tell with that one!



Why won’t my son actually drink his friggin milk?! he wakes up and cries his wee eyes out cause he’s hungry and then only takes the most stupid tiny piddly amount before spitting out his bottle to give me a grin… normally that’s cute but at 2 am AND 5am…this has to be some sort of joke huh?

*breathes* I know this is just the sleep deprivation catching up on me, he’s 5 and a half weeks old… I almost had a nervous breakdown with Zack when he was about 8wks old cause I was just trying to do more than I could. Must try not to do or expect too much of myself or the boy’s atm… but then that’s always easier said than done isn’t it?

The most annoying thing is that although he’s had as much milk as he’s going to the lil sod is now wide awake and making grunting/snuffling sounds which keep me awake! So far tonight I’ve had about 2 hours of solid sleep and, I, most likely won’t get much more… when’s my day off?