Give me that dvd.. NOW!

So I got to see New Moon yesterday while the boys spent the day with their dad. Ohhh Zack was *so* pleased to see him, and Max took Zack’s lead, so was very happy and smiley and good with him.

I want to see it again!

Oh! My! God! Those wolf-boys! Rrrr!

The main thing though, the boys had a great time with their dad, and although Zack was sad to see him leave again this time (breaks my heart seeing him so sad), it wasn’t quite so bad cause now he knows that he’ll come back for another visit.

Max ate like a trooper apparently, and Zack got some dress up clothes, so he’s been running around the house as the red power ranger. I will get a pic if he’ll ever stay still enough!

Today was a pretty chilled out day. Max slept in, Zack snuggled up in bed with me this morning, and I got to dose till about half 9, so all in all a good start to the day! It was gorgeous out but absolutely freezing, so we bathed in the sun streaming through our living room and played together. They even went to bed well tonight!

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