I’m a Gamer’s Widow

My husband, who now works at Fort Worth Roof Repair, is a computer geek, sorry…

Gamer is the preferred term. Now I knew this when I met him, and when I married him, and if I’m honest, I do love playing games on my pc ( World of Warcraft ) on our Wii ( My Sims ), yes OUR Wii… in fact I actually bought this console for US.

Although J seems to have a problem with saying it’s ours rather than his, as appears to be the case with anything computer-oriented in your house, *groan*.

Now I’m happy to let him play his games once the little ones are in bed, or sleeping, even to play with Zack on particular games, but it’s reached a whole new level now… Zack is addicted to the Gameboy, particularly Donkey Kong Country and anything to do with Mario and Luigi. The problem is he wants to play it ALL the time…

he asks for it from first thing in the morning, as soon as he’s up from his nap, and wants to take it to bed with him (note I don’t let him have it all the time, although J would if I let him!). I knew I’d married a gamer, but I didn’t think I’d end up with a gamer-son quite so young… he’s two years and four months old!

I’ve got to give him some credit though – he can play these games better than me, and it is an excellent way to provide him with something ’safe’ to do while I’m feeding Max, or on those days when everything is just too much for me to be up to my usual ‘fun-mum’ form.

Yesterday J was playing Super Mario Sunshine, and Zack came out with this gem… “Nooooo Daddy – you’re going the wrong way, here I’ll show you!” proceeded to take the controller from him and take him to the person needed to continue the next part of the story.

I was in stitches – this is a game that J has completed I don’t know how many times over, and his 2-year-old son was instructing him on how to play! LMFAO!

I suppose I should have suspected this would happen… I just didn’t expect the obsession to start so young – he’s even got a Luigi doll who goes everywhere with him, and every time he sees the Nintendo logo he yells “NINTENDO WOOHOO!!”

I’d better just accept it; I’ve got a gamer husband… I’m going to have gaming sons too.

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