Just One Photo

Seriously, Mrs. W, just ONE photo? How on earth can I choose only ONE favorite photo? Gahh, I don’t know… the things you make me do!

OK well, I’ve made my choice.

It’s a photo I took very recently.

Just a couple of weeks ago to be honest.

I was playing about with my settings when I took it, and it didn’t come out at all how I’d planned, but I love the movement in it.

It’s just so Zack. He’s really into his music at the moment (thank you Dean!), and he’s always on the move. My perfect imperfect photo of my boy. I love it!

Sooo… now I get to try to tag some people who haven’t been labeled yet. Damn, ok…

this could be a toughie cause all my usual suspects have already been tagged, grr!

OK, my apologies if any of you have already been tagged!

My girl Sandy, at Momisodes. Tag, you’re it!

Rachael at Antithete, cause I love her photos of her lil kidlets and I think we should see more pics of hers!

Kat, over at Write Like No one’s Reading. She’s learning with her photography, just like me, and has even had one of her photos up on The Pioneer Woman’s photography section!

Kirsty Legg at her 365 blogs, she’s a photographer I met through Plurk who is based in my old home-town of Dundee. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to have the pleasure of meeting her, but one day… one day… :)

And last but not least, Laura from Synchronization of Us, cause she’s fae Glesgae a she’s fantastic.

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