Sleep Deprivation

Oh. My. god. I’m just too tired to think correctly let alone type – it’s just as well there’s a spell checker on this thing. It’s 9 pm, and as soon as Max has settled to sleep in his cot, I’ll be going to bed myself.

It times like this I wonder how I ever thought I had a clue as to what being truly exhausted meant before having children of my own. I feel like I should apologize to any mums that I attempted to justify my tiredness to before becoming a mother myself. I can fully appreciate why people who can’t sleep are driven completely insane; I’m almost there myself at the moment!

*Just a couple more months and he’ll be sleeping through.* This is my mantra… If i didn’t keep repeating this to myself when I try to put the kettle in the fridge and the milk on the kettle’s hub (yes it did happen this morning…again), or wonder how Zack can have grown so much not to fit into a vest to find that it’s actually his little brother’s, or even when I called a spork a cross between a fork and a knife as opposed to a fork and a spoon…

I’m sure all of these blips are because of my sheer tiredness building up from the past five weeks and four days (5 days if you count the fact that I was in labor the night before M was born!). They can’t possibly just be my complete stupidity getting worse… can they? [J’s reading this over my shoulder and laughed at the above comment… he stopped when I asked if he wanted to be on night feeds for the next week /sigh…men have no idea!]

I hope Max is a good boy for me tonight and sleeps well… I am dreading the thought of having to be awake for so much of the night when I could be having my precious sleep.

Ahh, bliss… he’s fallen asleep which means soon I can too )

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