The House of Cold

Thanks, J, now we all have a dreaded cold/flu thing you have… I know it’s all about giving in a relationship but really, you could have kept that one just for you honey!

My eyes just want to close, but there’s too much to be done, I may be unwell but so is everyone else, so it’s up to me to take care of them all *sigh*.

The life of a SAHM, who’d change it eh? Most of the time I love it, but when you are hit with things like this it just gets me down a little bit – when do I get ’sick days’ when I can have a day off my work and just stay in bed?

I don’t, because J can’t take time off to look after the kids when I’m ill, which is fair enough I suppose, but still – I’m cranky and have every right to whine about my lack of days-off when I’m sick, it is my blog after all! lol

So… if I’m not around for the next couple of days you know why – I’m off sick. I’m going to get some cold medicine…maybe chocolate (ok definitely chocolate) and I might even see about watching a Disney movie once Zack’s up just to make myself feel a little better… *sniff*

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