The Weigh In

So Max is four weeks and one day old now and was weighed this morning. He is currently a chubby 10lb 1oz in weight.

I can’t believe he’s four weeks old already – WHERE has the time gone?? Thank god we’re starting to get a routine going. Otherwise, I’d be tearing my hair out by now. Writing this during ‘nap time’ in case you hadn’t guessed… wait, no one reads this so who you are?

He hates baths but loves having his tummy rubbed (so does his daddy… weirdos!). He hates being left on his own but doesn’t *have* to be held anymore to stop him crying; he’s quite happy to have me sitting next to him making silly faces.

Ooooh and… the wee munchkin has started the beginnings of the gummy grins! Although in this case, his is already a toothy grin, did I mention he was BORN with a tooth? Thank god for the formula that’s all I’m gonna say!

He’s also started ‘talking’ to me, if I say something to him and then wait a bit, he’ll start to kick his legs and arms about and is making all gurgles and cooing sounds, I’d forgotten about them, it makes me melt )

I decided to make a specific blog just for my wow chatter, as it just doesn’t really fit into this blog, so we shall see how it goes…


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